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Again, Here is some of what you'll get when you order the Dragon Claw Kung Fu Foundation Series Train-At-Home System...
This DVD includes two videos on one disc:

Video One

Warm Up and Stretching Routine

  • A detailed demonstration and explanation of each of the components of the Dragon Claw Kung Fu warm up system.

  • You’ll learn the actual warm up routine that we utilize before every class at the Dragon Claw Kung Fu school.

  • Including the key element to effective stretching (many systems leave this out, and their results show it)

Video Two

A real-time follow along video of our full warm up routine- just like you’re in class with us. (you will want to follow along with this video before each training session)


Stances and Floor Patterns

Bows and Salutations- the traditional sign of respect for our training area, fellow students and Instructors


The 10 stances which make up the foundation of the Dragon Claw Kung Fu System

  • The Natural Stance- the most likely stance you will find yourself in when you are confronted on the street.

  • The Horse (Riding) Stance- builds strong legs, improves your “root” and gives you explosive mobility

  • The “On-Guard” Stance- the optimal stance for defending yourself from one-on-one attacks to multiple attackers. Provides for the best defensive and offensive maneuvers

  • The Forward Stance- develops full body power, rooted in the legs and hips

  • The Back Stance- evade your opponent’s attack and re-engage in a moment without losing any ground

  • The Hanging Stance- Learn to evade sweeps and leg attacks and put yourself in excellent position to counter your attacker

  • The Kneeling Stance- used for evading or taking down an opponent and instantly recovering

  • The Squatting Stance- traditional stance for evading long weapons attacks

  • Front Twisted Stance- traditional stance for building the legs and build up torque power in the body

  • Back Twisted Stance- Discover how to spin to evade an attack and “unwind” to deliver massive power

Floor Patterns (Stepping Methods)

You’ll learn how to move effectively, powerfully and efficiently while staying well protected at all times

  • Slide Step A- efficiently “close the gap” between yourself and your opponent while maintaining  perfect composure, balance and protection

  • Slide Step B- with this move, you’ll be able to blast through your defenses and attack before they see what’s coming

  • 180 Degree Stepping- move forward or backward to advance or evade or switch sides the most efficient way possible

  • The L Step and Box Pattern- the simplest and most direct means of moving “off line” of the path of an attack

  • Position Change- learn how to stay protected as you change sides while facing an opponent

  • Body Shift- the best way to maneuver to handle the situation where you have 2 opponents- one in front and one to the rear

  • Cross Step A- Close a large gap between yourself and your opponent while staying protected and setting up a powerful attack

  • Cross Step B- a variation cross step sets up full body power attacks and multiplies your power


On this DVD you’ll learn some of the core principles that make the Dragon Claw Kung Fu system the powerful martial arts system that it is.

  • Learn the difference between deflections and “blocks” (used by other less advanced styles)
  • Learn the secrets to redirect the force of the attack instead of trying to resist it. This is a “MUST” once you understand that it won’t matter how big or strong your attacker is.
  • Discover the “spinning ball” principle and the “gate” principle of evading attacks and dispersing force

  • Bear Slap Deflection- One of the quickest and most efficient ways to deflect and redirect an attacker's grab, push, or punch

  • Leaping Deer Deflection- Effectively protects your head from attack while dispersing the power and energy of impact from an opponent's strike

  • Willow Tree Deflection- Use spiraling energy to jam or redirect an attack with the option to trap or control your opponent and neutralize their attack

  • Whipping Branch Deflection- Discover how to protect your lower extremities quickly and easily by blending with, and redirecting your opponent's low kicks and punches

  • Knife Hand Deflection- This deflection is unlike other systems and forces your attacker's punches to slip past you quickly and easily

DVD Three
DVD Four
Hand Strikes

In this detailed DVD you will learn the 5 basic closed hand strikes of the Dragon Claw Kung Fu System
This DVD will cover the basic front and rear hand striking methods as well as variations to adapt to virtually any situation

  • Learn “body alignment” principles to multiply your power

  • Learn the 7 vital components  for developing power (you won’t want to leave even one of these out when you are forced to take out an attacker)

  • Experience “structural alignment” power generation- most martial arts Black Belts don’t even know this secret)

  • “Whipping Energy Power” generation- you’ll learn how to strike faster and hit harder than someone twice your size

Included in this DVD are the Five basic closed hand strikes of Dragon Claw Kung Fu:

  • Ram’s Head Fist- the cornerstone punch of Dragon Claw Kung Fu. Learn how to easily double your punching power

  • Hammer Fist Strike- executed properly, this strike is great for a lead in or finishing blow

  • Meteor Fist Strike- this strike sneaks in outside of your opponent’s peripheral vision- they never see it coming

  • Scorpion Fist- In certain common attack situations, this strike is the best there is

  • Pounding Wave Strike- quick and powerful- this strike will send a shockwave through your opponent’s body

PLUS variations and practical applications for the street!

DVD Five
Kicking Methods

Methods and principles to optimal effective kicking including many insights and tips which give you a definite advantage on the street

  • Dragon Parts Trees Kick- Learn to use your body’s natural structure and movement to knock your opponent off his feet

  • How to use your body movement to multiply the impact of your kicking (most martial arts just kick with their leg)

  • Discover how to stop a powerful opponent from rushing you

  • Combined with the previously learned stepping methods, you’ll be able to kick at different ranges and adapt to the changes in live combat

  • Dragon Seeks Path Kick- This kick will become your “bread and butter” kick for the street

  • It’s quick, powerful, and very difficult to defend against (unless you know our system of deflections)

  • See for yourself how our alignment and structure make this kick better than other styles

  • Learn the body alignment and line of attack that delivers maximum power while keeping you safe

  • Combine this kick with our floor patterns to blast through your opponent’s defenses

Dragon Claw Kung Fu Foundation Form- Yun Tung
(Form of Movements)

In this DVD you’ll learn the foundation form of the Dragon Claw Kung Fu system.

  • Originally designed to build strong legs and agile mobility, it combines many of the strikes, kicks, deflections, stances, and floor patterns we’ve covered.

  • This thirty movement form pulls together the foundation material presented into fluid powerful combinations.

  • Through repeated training, the form ingrains “muscle memory” into your nervous system to allow you to act instinctively to an attack- instinctively and appropriately

  • You will see this form demonstrated from the front, rear, and side views so you can see every technique clearly

  • Also included is a slow motion view with detailed commentary to you can watch and listen and follow along with the video.

  • PLUS, you’ll see the practical application for every technique in the form. This will change the way you learn and move, because you will know what each technique is designed to do.

PLUS... If You Order Now, You Will Also Receive:
Solo Training Drills DVD!
Partner Training Drills DVD!
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DVD Four Hand Striking Methods     Value:$39.95

DVD Five  Power Kicking      Value: $39.95

DVD Six   Dragon Claw Foundation Form      Value:$39.95

DVD Seven     Solo Drills             Value: $39.95

DVD Eight       Partner Drills        Value: $39.95

Total      Total Value:  $309.60

Practice Alone to:

  • Increase your speed

  • Improve your power

  • Train Combinations

  • Master your mechanics
Practice With a Partner to:

  • Improve your Timing

  • Develop Reaction Skills

  • Increase Evasion Skills

  • Receive Real Power Feedback

  • Train For Real Self Defense Encounters
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